Train with Everyday Objects

Take a stroll, a hike or play ball in the backyard. This time of year is a great time to add in your training games. Take treats on your walks and ask for intermittent sits, targets or check-ins as you go for rewards. This will encourage your dog to check-in with you more often and add more enrichment to your walks. Just make sure to let them have plenty of time to just sniff and explore too.


Did you know your dog can earn titles for showing off fun tricks?

In fact, at the top level of AKC Trick Dog AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer you and your dog are required to perform a routine of tricks strung together into a story or script using at least five props.

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Most Difficult Tricks and Commands to Teach Your Dogs

Whether you teach your dog to sit, roll over or catch a ball, any trick will bring a smile to your face and happiness to your dog because they love performing for their owners. But some dog tricks are more difficult to train for than others.

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